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Bolt Electric Bike
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First impressions are everything – and with the Bolt you’re sure to make a lasting one. Sweet looks, lightweight frame, and a compact body all driven by a quiet yet powerful motor. It’s time to turn your daily commute into everyday fun. 

LED headlight

LED headlight

The LED headlight shines bright on the path ahead of you – safe riding is our top priority (making you look good is a close second)

Built-in carrying handle

A convenient carrying handle is built into the center of the frame to make handling easier and more balanced. That way you can just pick it up and go – easy like Sunday morning.

Built-in carrying handle
LCD display

LCD display

A sweet LCD display provides a simple visual to show you battery life, in a clean easy-to-see interface.

Max Speed
Up to 15.5 mph

Max Range
Up to 17 miles

Climbing Angle
15 degrees

Product Weight
34 lbs

Weight Limit
250 lbs

250 watt hub motor

36V, 5.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion

Removable Battery

Rear disc brake

Throttle Type
Twist throttle


Rubber tires

LED headlight

Charging Time
Up to 5 hours

Aluminum alloy

Seat / Saddle
Comfort seat


USB Hub / Charger


Water Resistant

Folded Dimensions (L x W x H)
40" x 4.5" x 28"

Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H)
40" x 20" x 37"

Recommended Age
13 and up

1 year limited

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bought a BOLT on impulse at COSTCO....and, love it...perfect for running around town.... i would suggest that you add a rearview mirror, as you cannot hear cars coming up behind you... and, perhaps buy a small bag to attach to the handlebars...i am also going to replace the seat, with a firmer one and buy a longer seat stem....anyone have suggestions?....thanks...


This is even more awesome than it looks, with suggestions....

Bought this on impulse at COSTCO, "you can always bring it back," but I won't. This thing is awesome. I have a Harley Davidson Road King, two mountain bikes and two road bikes. This one is still FUN. I used to rent the Byrd scooter in LA to bounce around and avoid parking, but now -- no more. This thing is so much better than an electric scooter -- no risk of crashing. You can hit the largest bump and so what? Your feet are almost dangling to the sides; you can stop yourself, you can walk it along without power to get over a bump, I've never seen anything so safe. Suggestion -- go to amazon and surf for "handlebar bag" and see the little iphone bag for your handlebar. I use this for my iphone (to view), as well as a tiny glove compartment. I also can keep a fob/remote in that compartment. While you're on amazon, surf for "motion sensor" and get that too. Its cheap. This Bolt is so lightweight, it would be easy for someone to run off with, but it's annoying to have to lock/cable all the time. Get the motion sensor remote, hide it on the bike, and it squeals louder than anything if someone tries to take it and dash (on and off with remote). Yes, you can carry it with you, but it is 35 pounds and not too sleek. The motion sensor gives you some piece of mind for those times when you're too lazy to find something to lock it to with a cable, and sometimes it CAN be stolen if you are 10 yards away from it -- folks can grab it and run, its so light. I get stopped on the sidewalk, this thing is so cool. And the complaints about the hills? No problem. It's like an old golf cart...chug chug up the hill, but so what. It still makes it. This also fits in the back (seat, not even the trunk!) of my Volvo Sedan. The app is okay, but not necessary. Warning; there is no password reset for the app. If you lock your bike with the app and forget the passcode, you're out of luck forever, per customer service at Jeetson. Overall, I don't see who this thing could be more awesome....

Vilma M.

Great Christmas present

Bought it for my husband, he's very excited to try it out. Very easy to carry and storage

Scott S.

Not Perfect, but Darn Close

I’ll give the details first and summarize at the end. 1. Unpacking I found that a pair of needle nose pliers easily pulled the copper staples from the top of the box. I could then poke my fingers through the bubble-wrap and masking tape to grab the bike's handle and pull it upwards and out. Packaging was excellent; I found no damage on either bike. 2. Assembly Easy, though the instructions specified installing both front and rear fenders; in reality, the front one was already attached which was nice but I lost a few minutes looking for the missing fender and bolt. The manual needs to be updated. Not a big deal. The instructions do not specify how many PSI to put into the tires. The tires themselves instruct to put in 40 PSI, and I found this pressure worked well. I specifically like that the inner tube stems are bent and are very accessible to my manual bike pump; I appreciate this access especially on small wheels. The batteries were almost fully charged as claimed by Jetson. When I turned the power on for the first time, all 4 bars appeared, and when I connected the charger, it look around 45 minutes to top them off. For both bikes, the brake handle was directly below the handlebar: not convenient to reach especially in an emergency. I tried to rotate the brake handle mount, but there was nothing to loosen so I couldn't do that. Finally, the "ah hah" moment happened and I realized all I needed to do was loosen the handlebar quick release and rotate the handlebar to the desired angle. Now the brake is positioned like a conventional bike’s and the charge level LEDs are in plain sight also. Problem nicely solved. 3. Operation My first ride was about 3 miles at night and I found the headlight brightness to be more than sufficient. Indeed I liked everything except the seat; my rear end hurt like heck at the finish. The next day I replaced both them with the Schwinn "Noseless Cruise Bike Seat" (item# SW79889) for under $20 each at Walmart and now there is no more soreness. Oh, and to install the new seat, you have to remove the original seat from the seat post. I discovered that even if I loosened the tightening nuts so they rotated freely, the seat grip still stuck pretty hard to the post. I found the easiest thing to do was to hold the seat post with the “stuck” seat upside down and to mildly smack the seat's grip downward off of the seat post using a mallet (if you have one) or a hammer (if you don't). When I mounted the new seat, I tweaked its angle until I found the most comfortable position. Seat height didn’t seem to affect the comfort level. 4. Performance I weigh about 190-195 pounds. My son-in-law (at about 140 pounds) could go up hills that seemed to exceed 15% grade. Me, not so much. But I could tackle grades up to about that incline. On grades that steep, the bike really slows down, but it doesn’t stop. I haven't pushed the miles yet, but I can say that after 3 miles, there were still 4 bars on the charge indicator. So battery performance seems on par w/ what others are reporting. 5. Transporting I have a Chevy Spark EV hatchback which is the smallest car Chevy has sold since perhaps the Areo. In order to load both bikes, I had to do the following: a. Fold the car’s rear seats down. b. Fold the bikes' handlebars down. c. Remove the bikes' seats to reduce the bike’s height. In order to know how far back to re-insert their seat posts when I get them ready for riding again, I marked the post depth into the main frame using small pieces of masking tape (colored electrical tape would be prettier). Also, I used some of the triangular packing cardboard to install on the rear wheel to keep the bike from sliding back into the car’s rear door. There was plenty of room left; I could add at least one more bike if I wanted to. 5. Usage for these 2 bikes Now that I know what these bikes can and cannot do, here's what I'm using them for: a. Commute to work 5 miles from my house. This is a 10 mile round trip, but, since the bike is small enough, I bring it into the office and charge it. This gives me the bike’s full 15 mile range for the 5 mile trip distance in each direction. b. Use it for local shopping. I bought a bulky but light backpack at Walmart for $17 that holds everything I need to carry home on the bike. I drape the backpack on the handlebars where the hand grips are and use the bike/backpack itself as the shopping cart. c. My wife has a foot condition that makes long walks uncomfortable. So, when we drive to a destination where it is desirable to walk any distance, I’ll pack the bikes so that she’ll be able to participate for the full distance. 6. TL;DR - Summary and My Rating For the $299.99 Costco price, I am impressed with the care taken in the design and manufacturing of this little electric bike. Because of the seat, I give 4 out 5 starts. If you’re willing to replace the seat, it’s a solid 5 stars.


New form of transportation!

I love my scooter! I use it to get me to and from work everyday. I get about 10 miles out of a full charge going full speed. Now my neighbor also has two of the same scooters! I have ridden it through downtown and I constantly have people stopping me asking me all about it! I would buy another if they weren’t sold out! Love love love my little bolt!