blue LX10 facing left unfolded with kickstand up
person on LX10 riding outside
person riding LX10 carrying backpack and smiling
2 people having fun on their LX10S while riding outside
two people looking at each other, one is on their LX10, while the other is pushing it along and they are both outside
two people high fiving each other while riding their LX10s
front facing view of LX10
aerial view of LX10
LX10 with the handle bars folded down
black unfolded LX10 facing left
person in the middle of folding or unfolding the handle bars of their LX10
person riding their LX10 in a neighborhood
close up view of person riding black LX10
person riding the black LX10
two people riding and pushing their LX10s outside
two people pushing and riding their LX10s
person riding the black LX10
two people high fiving each other and smiling while sitting on their LX10s
the backside of two people riding their LX10s
two people riding their LX10 and one of the people has his legs up
two people riding the LX10
the black LX10 unfolded facing right
unfolded black LX10 facing to the right with the kickstand down
black LX10 facing to the right
black LX10 with the handlebars folded down
close up of front headlight of black LX10
person riding the red LX10 in a neighborhood
person riding the red LX10 riding in the neighborhood with a helmet on and back pack
person kneeling down either unfolding or folding their red LX10
a close up on rear lights of LX10
close up of LX10 seat low
two people riding or pushing their LX10s
close up of extended seat of LX10
two people riding the blue and red LX10s out on the street
close up of controls on LX10
two people riding the red and blue LX10s outside on a street
red LX10 facing left and unfolded
red LX10 angled to the left
front view of the red LX10
aerial view of the red LX10
red LX10 with the handle bars folded down
black LX10 facing profile left

LX10 Folding Ride On

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Small and snazzy electric ride.

Easy all-throttle maneuvering.

Great for small-space living: Collapsible handlebar makes for easier storage.
Top Speed 15.5 mph
Range 15 miles
Weight Limit 260 lb.
Electric Speed Modes 1
Foldability Partial
Product Details

Electric Ride

Get ready for a ride that is electric with the Jetson LX10 Electric Bike. Whether commuting or enjoying a weekend ride, the Jetson LX10 Electric Bike is a ride you are sure to love. Its super convenient easy folding mechanism means that you can easily take it up and down stairs, slide it under your work desk, or tuck it tidily away at home.

Easy Folding Mechanism

Easy Folding Mechanism

An electric bike you can fold! Whether it’s just storing your LX10 under your work desk or being able to store the LX10 easily in your apartment closet, it’s easy with the LX10’s easy folding mechanism.

Twist throttle

Twist throttle

Adventure is at your fingertips, with twist throttle acceleration and cruise control setting. So, whether you’re trying to make moves, or just take in the views, the LX10 has you covered.

Charge and Go

Charge and Go

A rechargeable, premium Lithium-Ion battery provides a range of up to 15 miles when using a twist throttle.

Top Speed
15.5 mph

15 miles

Product Weight
36 lb

Weight Limit
260 lb.

250 watt

36V, 6Ah lithium-ion battery

Hand and disc brake

Electric Speed Modes

Charging Time
Up to 4 hours

Water Resistant

Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H)
38” × 19” × 36”

For Riders Aged
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