J-Beat All Terrain Hoverboard

J-Beat All Terrain Hoverboard
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The beat that goes on and on

The Jetson J Beat Hoverboard is a premium hoverboard that comes with multiple striking light-up patterns that can be played on its deck and light-up wheels, so you are sure to turn heads wherever you are. The J Beat’s Active Balance Technology and all-terrain tires allows riders to stay balanced and stable. A top speed of 10 miles per hour and a maximum battery range of 7 miles will have you cruising around the neighborhood in style.

young person riding on the J-Beat hoverboard

A ride that won’t be beaten

With its Active Balance Technology and all-terrain tires, the J-Beat makes every trip smooth and stable.

Heart skips a beat

With the J Beat’s light-up wheels and light-up pattern on its deck, this is one good-looking ride.

side view of a person riding on the J-Beat hoverboard
a person riding the J-Beat hoverboard while tightening the straps of their helmet

Beat the rush

With a top speed of 10mph and a max range of 7 miles, the J Beat is perfect for cruising around your neighborhood.

Max Speed
Up to 10 mph

Max Range
Up to 7 miles

Climbing Angle
15 degrees

Product Weight
16 lb

Weight Limit
220 lb

400 watt

36V, 2.0Ah Lithium-ion


Charging Time
Up to 5 hours

Water Resistant

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
23.5” × 7.5” × 7”

Recommended Age
12 and up

1 year limited