Best Gifts for Kids

This holiday season, it’s important to choose a special gift that will stand the test of time and keep your child active. One of the best gifts you can give this year is a brand-new scooter. Scooters are a great way to get kids away from digital devices and outdoors having fun. Check out these three great options.
Jetson Twin


The Jetson Twin is a folding 3-wheel kick scooter with LED light-up wheels. The dual rear wheel design and lean-to-steer system make it an easy starter scooter for kids who are still learning. It’s easy to adjust the height of the handlebar, as well as fold it up and carry it off when it’s time to head home. Plus, it comes fully assembled, so your kid doesn’t have to wait for the fun to start when they open their gift.


The Jetson Saturn has LED lights in its stem, deck, and wheels, so kids can light up the way as they play! It’s got the adjustable handlebar, the rear foot brake, the ease of riding, and the lightweight, foldable frame - everything a kid (and parent) could want.

Jetson Saturn
Disney Frozen II Scooter

Disney Frozen II Scooter

For children whose favorite movie is Disney’s Frozen or Frozen II, which - let’s be honest - is nearly all of them, this is a fantastic gift option. It features their favorite characters, Anna and Elsa, set against a beautiful Arendelle background, and even has a LED light-up stem and deck that shine like snow. Its folding mechanism and lightweight frame make it easy to carry and store the scooter. And, because of the simple latched handlebar and durable frame, your kid can keep using it for years and years as they grow. The Frozen II scooter can reach a top speed of an exhilarating eight mph and the electric brake shuts off the motor quickly, giving total control over the speed.