Best Gifts for Teens

If you’re looking for gifts to get for your teens this holiday season, one of the best options you can choose are hoverboards and hover shoes. They hit everything teenagers want in a gift: they’re trendy, they’re fun, and they’re electric. Check out these three awesome gift ideas.
Jetson Flash


The Jetson Flash is an electric self-balancing hoverboard with all-terrain tires. The awesome light-up wheels and customizable front LED lights add color and style to the ride, while the Bluetooth speakers let your teen play their own music to create a full-blown party on wheels. Active Balance Technology uses internal sensors to keep riders level and stable and the anti-slip grip mat and all-terrain tires make the ride smooth and safe. The free Ride Jetson app, available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store, allows for controlling speed, tracking rides, and customizing lights.

Z12 Combo

The Z12 combo includes both the Z12 hoverboard and JetKart XT, meaning it can be used both for casual riding and go-kart racing. It’s easy to attach the JetKart using velcro straps, making for a quick transformation from a smooth hoverboard ride to exhilarating racing go-kart. The Z12’s Galaxy wheels light up during the ride, and the flashing LED front lights sync to the beat of your music, connected through enhanced Bluetooth speakers. The shock absorbing dual suspension, all-terrain front tire, and a comfort padded seat prevent you from sliding while making fast turns and spins. The Jetson Z12 Combo is the ultimate holiday gift.

Jetson Z12 Combo
Jetson MotoKicks


The MotoKicks Hover Shoes truly stand out. Equipped with pressure sensors in their pads, the MotoKicks provide a smooth and responsive ride you have total control over. Their non-slip rubber mat surface, larger foot placement, and rubber bumpers offer a smooth, balanced, and safe ride. The lithium-ion batteries fully charge in just three hours, offering six miles’ worth of travel. Plus, they’re totally convenient. Lightweight and portable, with built-in carrying straps, the MotoKicks are easy to take wherever you want for a ride around the school, the neighborhood, the park, or anywhere, really. We don’t blame you if you want them for yourself, too.