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Best products for long commutes

This collection is made up of all our favorites for long commutes. Designed for long distances (over 3 miles), these electric scooters and electric bikes make getting from door to door a breeze. Avoid traffic, forget about gas prices, and stop worrying about finding a parking spot. Plus, riding to the office is way better than waiting for the crowded bus or train. We’re leading the charge on a better commute for everyone. Get ready to enjoy getting from A to B. 
Jetson Metro


The Jetson Metro Folding Electric Bike features a powerful, concealed hub motor for an easy ride. It offers 3 options of assistance from the motor, so you can get your morning workout in or make it to the office without breaking a sweat. A foldable frame, handlebar, and pedals make it easy to tuck away at home, the office, or anywhere else the road may take you.


The Jetson Quest Folding Electric Scooter is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The no flat, solid tires engineered to absorb shock along with a premium lithium-ion battery, concealed inside the deck, offer a smooth 18-mile range.

Jetson Quest
Jetson Bolt


The Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Scooter is a fresh new way to get around. It offers a super smooth and effortless ride. Plus, the built-in carrying handle and collapsible handlebar make the Bolt easy to carry and even easier to store away!


The Jetson Arrow Electric Bike takes road bike performance to the next level. It functions as a regular road bike, or, with a 250 watt motor and 9 levels of pedal assist, as that second wind you need to meet your goal. Sporting a lightweight aluminum frame, this e-bike is ready for the open road.

Jetson Arrow