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Ride A Hoverboard This Summer

Ride A Hoverboard This Summer

 Hoverboards are amazing, fun, and an awesome way to spend your summer. However, many people don't understand why hoverboards are such a game changing innovation. 


Wondering what's so special about these boards? Keep reading to discover 3 hoverboard facts that will show you why these boards are seriously growing in popularity.


1. Take It With You (And Take It Easy)


By now, you've seen mobility innovations come and go. It may be easy to dismiss the hoverboard as nothing more than the next Segway.


However, hoverboards have an important advantage compared to Segways: they are much lighter and more portable. In fact, most hoverboards are only between 20-25 pounds and small enough to throw in your trusty duffel bag. Especially the Motokicks - they even come with an easy handle for carrying. 


What happens next is up to you! Want to bring the board over to your buddy's house and show it off? Or maybe add an extra dose of fun to the family vacation?


Ultimately, hoverboards aren't just amazing fun. They are amazing fun that you can take with you wherever you go!


2. Fun for the Family


When hoverboards first came out, many adults dismissed this as a fancy toy for children. But the truth is that these boards are fun for the entire family.


Children love these boards because it gives them a sense of mobility and independence. If your kids are too young for a bike, or just want to try something different, a hoverboard can give them the mobility they crave.


However, adults soon discover a world of fun with these hoverboards. Learning how to balance and move around can be a challenge, and it feels great once you overcome that challenge and become a master of mobility.


Whether it's the adults teaching the kids how to use it (or maybe the other way around), these boards will bring your whole family closer together. And that means the hoverboards will also help your whole family stay in shape! 


3. Helps You Get in Shape


Taking a fun ride on a hoverboard may not look like much of a workout. However, every moment on the board is actually doing wonders for your body!


Why is that? It all comes down to balance. In order to balance yourself on the board while you move around, you're going to need a strong core.


If you don't already have a strong core, then regular hoverboard sessions will help you develop that strength. Just think: you can ditch the planking and other boring fitness activities and work your core in a really fun way that also burns plenty of calories.


At the end of the day, a hoverboard can help you feel better and even look better. How many other products can say the same?


Hoverboard Facts: What's Next?


Now you've got the hoverboard facts you need. But do you know where to buy your next board?


We specialize in bikes, scooters, hoverboards, and much more. To see how much fun it can be to bring the whole family together, check out our latest sale today!

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