The Jetson Story

Jetson was founded in 2012 with the vision of building clean, innovatively designed products that would create a community of happy riders. It was just barely out of the concept stage when the very first product – the Jetson Gen 1 – was catapulted into the spotlight, with Oprah featuring it on an episode of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Everyone got a Jetson! With the Big O’s stamp of approval, Jetson was well on its way to becoming what founder and CEO Josh Sultan had always pictured: a leader in making life more fun, with the added benefit of making eco-friendly look good.

Since 2012, Jetson has grown in every way – more customers, more products, and more team members (which of course means a lot more pizza at company meetings). We’ve created a culture that thrives on innovation, attention to detail, creativity, and grit. We are always pushing boundaries, keeping in mind that working hard needs to go hand in hand with playing hard, too. So if you ever visit our offices, just remember to watch out for go-kart races and hoverboard crossings – it’s the only way to grab a cup of coffee, really.

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