Electric Bike Front Basket

Electric Bike Front Basket
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Easy-to-attach handlebar basket with 11-pound carrying capacity.  


Fits our Axle, Bolt, Bolt Pro, Bolt Up, Haze, and LX10 e-bikes. (Not compatible with other Jetson models, including the Adventure and Journey.)

Store with ease

Easy to attach and remove from most Jetson electric bikes. It comes with ample storage capacity and is made from durable metal. This basket has been specifically designed to match the sleek, cool designs that Jetson gives to all its electric bikes. The Jetson Front Basket is compatible with the following Jetson bikes: the Jetson Haze, the Jetson Bolt, the Jetson Bolt Pro, the Jetson LX10, the Jetson Axle, the Jetson Bolt Up, the Jetson J8, and the Jetson J5.

close up of a front basket and there are 2 people riding their e-bikes

Sleek Design

With its sleek black design, this basket will match your Jetson bike for good looks.

Ample Storage

Measuring 10.6" x 9" x 11.4", this will give you ample storage to keep your items.

close up front view of the front basket
close up of the basket and a person is holding onto the handlebars of their e-bike


Weighing in at 1.1. lb. the Jetson Front Bicycle Basket won’t weigh you down as you ride.