E-Punk Electric Longboard

This product is retired


This product is retired

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Max Speed
Up to 25 mph

Max Range
Up to 25 Miles

Climbing Angle
25 degrees

Product Weight
14 lbs

Weight Limit
285 lbs

500 watt hub motor

36V 4.4Ah rechargeable lithium-ion

Removable Battery

Throttle Type
2 speed wireless remote control


Charging Time
Up to 3 hours

USB Hub / Charger

Water Resistant

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
35" x 10" x 4.3"

Recommended Age
13 and up

Assembly Required

1 year limited

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4.7 Based on 13 reviews
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Great product great customer service, everything I expected and much more.

Have had so much fun with this longboard since first receiving it, it is definitely something that someone should take their time 2 get used to the board and innocence, the board get used to you. By that I mostly mean just breaking the board in, like earlier views have said, it's pretty stiff when you first get it, but is easily broken in and leads to a much better ride. So I would say that the pros are that it has variable speed adjustments and can haul butt, especially on nicely paved slab. I was a little skeptical at first as well, but could not be there is any more happy about the great and helpful customer service and this very high quality and good and intuitive product, can't see what they come up with next. The only small drawbacks I guess I could come up with, more of constructive criticism oh, is that the remote is indeed very flimsy feeling thin plastic that feels like will break from a small fall. And maybe it's just me but I feel the board could afford to be a little wider, along with some sort of intuitive and Innovative suspension system, the possibilities with this type of set up and growing technology is endless. Riding at high speed with only very thin rubber to absorb the small shocks in bumps from even a smooth Road can easily be felt. Let alone large cracks or God forbid huge jumps between sidewalk slabs, definitely something Joey's look out for Paul writing, 19 Sorrento BC this is by no means a toy in the sense of just having fun, at all times when using this product you need to have safety at the front of your mind and safety equipped on your body as well, IE helmet and pads. If you don't believe me look at YouTube videos. But anyways, love it and would definitely buy again and will definitely buy from this company.

Jeremy M

Excellent Value & Customer Service

The board itself is stiff in the beginning but breaks in after you put a few miles on it and rides well. This thing is FAST I used an app to measure my speed and it recorded 25mph on flat ground. The top speed really should only be used by confident and experienced riders. Powers up steep hills with no issues (I am 170lbs). I get about 15-18 Miles per charge (when I go that distance I am crusing close to top speed most of the time so I assume it is no the most efficent way to ride). The only negative thing is that the board is very sensitive and you need to accelerate and brake with caution or else you can easily get thrown off. The remote feels like it would break if dropped on the ground (some thin plastic). Overall great product. When I first recieved mine, I put about 15-20 miles a day on it for two weeks straight. One day the board would just not turn on and I thought I would be out of luck. Jetson replied to my messages almost instantly and paid for return shipping & promptly sent me a brand new board. Much better than the customer service you will get with any of the boards on amazon.

Dreyton Smith

Skeptical at first, but so happy

I was worried about there being no YouTube videos or online reviews for these boards except here on the website. This board is fast and strong and soo fun


Love it!! So fun!

I absolutely love cruising on this longboard. I take it 5km to my friends house and back and still have battery left. The speed in the intermediate setting is all I can handle at this point, I can’t imagine what level the advanced will bring. I also really like that it has a beginner setting, I have never skateboarded before and it made it much easier to learn. Great purchase, best money spent on a toy in a long time!

L ucas

Lots of fun

This is my first electric skateboard and it's lot's of fun works amazingl

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