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Quest Folding Electric Scooter
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Whether you’re trying to get the most out of your commute or just looking for a clean and convenient way to get across town, the Quest is your new go-to electric scooter. The Jetson Quest features a sleek LCD Display, a powerful motor that reaches up to 15 mph, and an easy folding system for portability. Easy and breezy, just the way we like it.

Max Speed
Up to 15 mph

Max Range
Up to 18 miles

Climbing Angle
15 degrees

Product Weight
28.4 lbs

Weight Limit
220 lbs

250 watt hub motor

36V, 7.5Ah lithium-ion

Removable Battery

LCD display

Manual hand brake

Throttle Type
Thumb throttle

Handlebar Height
From deck: 39.5"



LED headlight and deck lights

Charging Time
4-6 hours



Yes; App Compatible


Folded Dimensions (L x W x H)
47.2" x 21.6" x 19.5"

Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H)
47.2" x 21.6"x 46.5"

Recommended Age
13 and up

Assembly Required
Partial assembly required

1 year limited

Speedometer in KPH only; use app for MPH

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United States

I love it

This scooter is excellent for adults. It has different gears and it can go pretty fast. We have reached almost 20 miles an hour. It has a smooth starting point. Other scooters in the market have a strong pull when they start moving which can be dangerous especially for children. This scooter has a lever which is easy to control how fast you want to go.

Joshua V

Premium Feel and Performance

-=PACKAGING AND ASSEMBLY=- The Quest arrives with a small note which primly informs you that - in the interest of environmentalism - Jetson does not provide printed manuals and they must be found online. The irony is that this note is sandwiched among four massive pieces of non-recyclable styrofoam. On the plus side, the Quest is very safely entombed in the eco-unfriendly packaging, but the downside is that little bits of foam get stuck everywhere. Assembly is quick and easy, and described in the aforementioned online manual. Jetson provides three alan wrenches of varying sizes, one of which is used to place four screws into the center column to attach the handlebar assembly. The faux-leather grips screw into place, with the right one cross-threaded. These kept loosening over time, so I would recommend putting a little Loctite on them. I also recommend rotating the brake lever to an angle where you can easily grip it. It's best not discover that it's in an awkward location when your hurtling down a hill. -=BUILD QUALITY=- Everything about the Quest makes it feel like a quality product worthy of this price point. The platform is wide and sturdy, and the whole scooter has a nice heft to it. (n.b. This might mean it's a bitty heavy for use as a "last mile" scooter if you'll be hauling it through large train stations.) From the solid build to the headlights and display, this feels like a commuting device made for adults, not a toy. The scooter collapses easily and latches to the rear fender, which felt a little flimsy to me but so far has worked fine. Be sure to rotate the locking collar when you snap the front bar back into place. -=PERFORMANCE=- This will depend entirely on one factor - your weight. My wife is 5'2" and 110 pounds. When she gets on the Quest she zips around like a hummingbird. The Quest easily carried her up surprisingly steep inclines, and hit some very fast speeds. If you're a small person, even a hilly area would be fine with the Quest. The disc brakes do great on the downhills too. I'm 6'1" and twice my wife's weight, which puts me right up against the weight maximum for the scooter. For me, the scooter did great on flat sections or slight inclines, but longer hills were impossible. This is not the scooter's fault, and so I am not deducting any stars for that. It's a lot of work for an electric motor to push 200 pounds up a hill. Given these two extremes, you should be able to extrapolate whether or not the Quest will meet your needs. I never successfully depleted the battery, but if you're well under the weight maximum, I think 12 miles or so is a reasonable expectation, at least when the battery is new and the weather is temperate. If you're commuting at night, the Quest has excellent visibility. The front headlight is super-bright, and the tail light (which is always on) is likewise bright, but - obviously - low to the ground. I would still wear a reflective vest and a torso flashy. Technically the Quest has three speed modes, but I only ever used it in the fastest mode - 3. Mode 1 is, however, good for learning the controls. The solid wheels did great on asphalt. I cannot speak to their longevity, since that is outside the scope of this review period. -=EXTRAS=- The LED display is excellent, with two caveats. The first is that it's controlled by a single button. Tap it once to change speed modes. Double-tap it to turn the headlight on or off. A triple tap changes between the speedometer and the odometer. This means that you almost certainly need to stop before operating the button, and sometimes it misreads a double-tap as a single-tap. Dedicated buttons would have been much more user-friendly. Secondly, there's no way to change the display from metric (km) to imperial (mi). The only other "extras" are the bell and the disc brake, both of which performed as expected. I did not see any reason to install the Jetson app. -=FINAL VERDICT=- The Jetson Quest looks, feels, and rides like a premium scooter. All but the heaviest of riders are likely to find this a solid choice for last mile commuting or other urban excursions. As with all scooters, the more hills, the more challenging things will be for heavy riders.


Fast, Sleek and Easy to Use

I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to see how long the scooter would last before it needed to be charged. It lasted A LONG time - it way surpassed my expectations. This is THE scooter to use for commuting. It is weighted, maneuvers well, has cool LED blue and red lights, has a sleek looking design, strong breaks, the list goes on and on. I have received so many compliment while out and about with this electric scooter. I can go to Trader Joe's and back to get groceries fast. My husband and my three year old like to take the scooter on a ride around the block together and my nanny can get around places on the weekends that are too far to walk. My only complaint is that I wish the handle bars were adjustable so they could be a tad shorter, but I am shorter than most. I really love this scooter and the entire Jetson line of products.

Rachel verified customer review of Quest Folding Electric Scooter
Mark H

An absolute Joy to ride

The Jetson Quest is a substantial piece of riding equipment. Assuming you know nothing about it, it is a scooter (you know, you hold the handlebars and "scoot" with one foot while the other rests on the floor and rolls with the scooter). The difference between this one and the ones of your childhood is that this one is built solid as a rock and is motorized. The first thing I noticed was the weight, it's heavy and comes with the handle bar detached so you can assemble it and the speedometer with supplied screws and Allen wrench. Mine came fully charged and has a simple power pack not unsimilar to the ones found on a laptop, The tires are fat, substantial and flat proof. My first ride down the driveway of my house was a little shaky. I have a very steep drive way and I was so intrigued with the throttle ("gas peddle") that I didn't make note of the break and went flying down at about 20 miles an hour and made a sharp turn at the end of the driveway and KEPT GOING! It was remarkable, I really thought I was toast but it was easy to maintain my balance as I took the curve. The Throttle: Takes a second to understand how it works. You first have to be moving and moving slow enough that you can feel the momentum of the throttle engaging. IN other words, if you were going down a driveway at 20, you wouldn't feel the throttle engaging until you were moving slower than 15 mph. To be clear, the throttle is a switch you press that is resting below your right thumb. I live in mountainous area so the roads, though paved, are steep. I weigh 215 lbs and it carried me up one of the steeper slopes but I did have some momentum first, trying it without moving doesn't work. Features: Bright LED headlights and board lights and tail lights for others to see you at night (and for you to see the road), An app that gives you some additional features like light colors. Battery life is displayed as a bright line across he front display. You have to turn on the display by pressing It a couple of times to get it on then each press gives you a speed or category representing maximum speed. For example, Number 1 won't go over 5 mph, a number 2 won't go over 10 mph and 3 won't go past 15 mph. I kept mine on 3. Thoughts: The Quest is a substantial machine. The handle bars fold down and lock so you can store it or put it in your trunk. There is no way to lock this to prevent theft so you have to have a plan if you are using it to get to a destination. You could fold it down and carry it but it is really quite heavy. Get a helmet and padded gloves. I couldn't drive this with one hand to save my life, it requires two hands for stability so keep that in mind if you think you are going to be able to grab a water bottle while riding you can't and shouldn't. The brake is responsive and is under your left hand. One time I thought the throttle wasn't working and it was because I was barely touching it ...enough to cause it to stop. It hits bumps hard so, again, two hands are necessary. The battery is in the base and there is a hole on the bottom left to plug in the charger which has the indicator on the brick that blinks red while charging and green when complete. You'll want to note that a U.S. style plug and European style plug are provided. The Quest feels like it should be in your life for quite a while. When I had a question I called and received a very receptive Technical support person who followed up with answers to my questions and did so with a kind tone. This is a fun ride and would be particularly fun for two, I'm not sure how comfortable I would be with this in traffic, I would stick to the sidewalk since you have to signal turns by hand and you been both of them to drive. The bell is a bicycle bell so it's a soft ding....

A Simons

Awesome Scooter

The features on this scooter are fantastic - the leather handles and colored lights are a fancy touch. Also appreciate that it collapses, however, it's a bit heavy and not great trying to carry around. With all the scooter-sharing services around, I'm apprehensive to leave my scooter outside, so it would be nice to have a strap to throw it over my shoulder and for it to be lighter. Assembly instructions weren't the best, but managed to figure it out. Customer service is great!