Zone Hoverboard

Zone Hoverboard
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Your next stop –the Jetson Zone.

The Jetson Zone hoverboard is designed for both new and experienced riders alike. With its 300-Watt dual hub motor, max speed of 7 miles per hour and 6.3-inch all-terrain tires, the Zone is built for any adventure that you want to throw at it. This is one hoverboard that you definitely won’t zone out on. The Jetson Zone hoverboard is recommended for ages 12 and plus.

close up of a person riding on the Zone hoverboard at the park

Get around quick turns!

With a max speed of 7mph this board is responsive enough even for the most inexperienced riders.

Take it where you need to take it

Don’t be fooled by its beautiful design, with a 300 dual watt motor, the hoverboard is built to handle whatever you throw at it -off-road or on-road, it’s going to take you there.

person looking down at their feet while riding the Zone hoverboard
close up of the feet of a person riding the Zone hoverboard

Be balanced

There’s no balancing act when you step on the Zone. Our Active Balance Technology makes riding foolproof.

Max Speed
UP to 7 mph

Max Range
Up to 7 miles

Climbing Angle
Up to 15 degrees

Product Weight
15 lb

Weight Limit
220 lb

300 watt dual hub motor

36V, 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery


All-terrain tires

Water Resistant

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
23.5” × 7.5” × 7”

Recommended Age
12 and up

1 year limited