Hali hoverboard in black angled to the right
person riding on the black Hali Hoverboard
kids riding the black and pink hoverboards in front of a Shake Shack
person riding the pink Hali hoverboard
black Hali hoverboard facing front
Hali hoverboard facing front
black Hali hoverboard laying flat
aerial view of the Hali hoverboard
side view of Hali hoverboard
pink Hali hoverboard angled to the right
pink Hali hoverboard facing front
the back of the pink Hali hoverboard
the pink Hali hoverboard facing forward
aerial view of pink Hali hoverboard
side of the pink Hali hoverboard

Hali X Hoverboard

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Super-colorful light-up hoverboard.

One of our lightest in weight and swiftest in speed.

Bring on a beat by streaming music through the Bluetooth speaker.
For Riders Aged 12+
Top Speed 12 mph
Range 12 miles
Weight Limit 220 lb.
Product Details

Guaranteed Glow Up

With a light-up body deck, illuminated rims, and in-built Bluetooth speaker, the Hali X is a board that brings all the swagger. Equipped with Active Balance Technology and extreme-terrain tires, riders are guaranteed a smooth ride wherever they are. Prepare for a ride that is definitely lit.

How Enlightening

How Enlightening

Get ready to spread the glow with the Hali X’s light-up body deck and illuminated rims and tires.

Go Faster

Go Faster

With a top speed of 12 mph get where you need to be super quick on the Hali X!

Be balanced

Be balanced

There’s no balancing act when you step on the Hali X. Our Active Balance Technology makes riding fool proof.

Top Speed
12 mph

12 miles

Climbing Angle
Up to 15 degrees

Product Weight
19 lb

Weight Limit
220 lb.

500W, Dual hub motor

25.2V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery

Wheel Size

UL 2272
UL certified

Charging Time
Up to 5 hours

Water Resistant

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
23.5" × 7.1" × 7.1"

For Riders Aged
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