Grow with Jetson Light Rider Kids' Bikes

Bright colors. Beaming lights. Step-up sizing.
Kids can grow up and glow up with our signature light-up bikes.

For the fun.

Attention-grabbing lights – in changeable colors and patterns – get kids pumped to ride.

Little kids love the push-button illumination fun.

Older riders like choosing a style that reflects who they are.

For the visibility.

Up to 80 gleaming LEDs per bike make for safer street and sidewalk adventures.

Riders stay more visible – and are easier to keep an eye on.

For the course.

3 different frame sizes – all with height-adjustable seats and handlebars.

The Light Rider line-up keeps pace with growing kids.

Light Rider 12 Light Rider 16 Light Rider 20
Perfect for Getting tots on a roll Preschoolers ready to push off Grade-schoolers on the go
Wheel size 12" 16" 20"
Frame Our most petite – for the littlest riders Slightly sized up – for bigger beginners The largest – to support older, active kids
Brake A pedal-backwards coaster brake for hands-free slowing down Handbrake control of front and back wheel caliper brakes
"Just right" feature Premium, light-up training wheels – included and easy to attach Sturdy steel kickstand – perfect for pit stops