JLR W (Aura) Light Up Bike with Training Wheels

JLR W (Aura) Light Up Bike with Training Wheels
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Blaze your trail with the Jetson Aura Light-Up Bike.

With its durable, sturdy frame, this bike is ready for any adventure, but it's the Aura’s light-up frame and wheels that are really going to have people stopping in their tracks. This is your time to shine. This is your time to ride the Aura.

Always Growing

Always Growing

Easily adjust the handlebar and seat height to modify this bike as your child grows.

Light it up

Light-up frames and wheels give the Aura its signature look.

Light it up
Ride Confidently

Ride Confidently

Durable frame to withstand any adventure and training wheels included to instill confidence in the littlest of riders.

Product Weight
22 lb

Weight Limit
110 lb

3 AA

Coast brake


LED light up frame and wheels

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
47” × 21” × 28.5”

Recommended Age
3 and up

1 year limited