MotoKicks Electric Hover Shoes

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MotoKicks Electric Hover Shoes
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Step up. Stand out.

Kick it up a notch

Ride your own way with the brand new Jetson MotoKicks, an upgraded take on traditional roller skates. The MotoKicks are easy to learn, equipped with the same Active Balance Technology featured in our hoverboards. Pressure sensors in the pads provide a smooth and responsive ride. Take the MotoKicks with you anywhere, they’re lightweight enough to carry in one hand using the built-in carrying straps. Innovation meets classic fun.

Your New Go-To

Your New Go-To

Equipped with the same technology featured in hoverboards the MotoKicks Hover Shoes let riders move with ease and stability while reaching up to 7 mph and traveling as far as six miles on a single charge. Balance and steer by leaning forward or backward. Easily turn by leaning to the side as you ride.

Get Going

Each pair of MotoKicks comes with a UL Certified charger that can charge both Kicks at the same time with an estimated full charge time of up to 3 hours. Take the MotoKicks with you anywhere they’re lightweight enough to carry in one hand using the built-in carrying straps.

Get Going
Kick it Up a Notch

Kick it Up a Notch

The Jetson MotoKicks Hover Shoes will redefine the way you move. The MotoKicks are easy to learn equipped with the same Active Balance Technology featured in our hoverboards. Pressure sensors in the pads provide a smooth and responsive ride. Innovation meets classic fun.

Max Speed
Up to 7 mph

Max Range
Up to 6 miles

Climbing Angle
9 degrees

Product Weight
12.12 lbs each

Weight Limit
220 lbs

2 x 250 watt hub motor

12V, 1.9Ah rechargeable lithium-ion

Directional control braking


Active Balance Technology

UL 2272
UL 2272 safety standards certified

LED edge lighting

Charging Time
Up to 3 hours

Deck Size
7.75" x 5"

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
10.6" x 5.5" x 4.5"

Recommended Age
13 and up

1 year limited

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Bobert .

Thx jetson

Best experience ever thx to Gabe from Brailleskate enjoyed ever second of it and it’s dope just to go places if u where black shoes it looks super clean like ur getting stares left and right it lit

Ace K.


I saw these on Braille Army and I fell in love with them. They are great and super smooth.

Corey L.

Fun and Useful

10/10 rating. Was super easy to learn and I got a good 17% more girls.



These are so much fun! This is my first time ever using hover skates or hover anything for that matter. I don't own a hoverboard so I have never used anything similar to these. I have roller-skated but I don't think these are anything close to that. These move on their own with the slightest pressure so it definitely takes some getting used to. Just getting on and off of them took practice. I am going to admit, these were not so easy to use at first. I initially tried them separated which was a big mistake. I highly suggest using the included training bar if you are new to something like this. It makes a huge difference! It really helps to get a feel for how you need to balance, lean, and how much pressure you need to use to move. After a few tries with the bar connected I felt confident enough to try it without. Although, I didn't have much of a choice to not use the bar at that time. It ended up breaking. This is my only complaint about these. The bar itself is a nice sturdy metal but the ends that connect to the skates are a thinner plastic and can snap pretty easily if you run into anything. I can now move and balance on them while separated so it's not a huge deal not being able to use the bar but I do think it could be made a bit sturdier. They really do go fast! I guess I never realized how quick 7 mph really was. Of course you don't have to go that fast. The more pressure you use the faster you go, so only a slight pressure will let you go slower. The charge lasts a long time. I love the battery indicator lights on the sides. It helps a lot to know how much charge is left. They come with a dual charging cable so you can charge both at the same time which is so convenient. The colored lights on the front and back are a really nice touch. Overall, I think these are so much fun to ride on, and with practice, anyone can do it. I highly recommend them to anyone that loves hoverboards or even someone like me that has never used something like that.


Pretty neat

I have to say I was impressed with these. It did take me a minute to get used to them but my kids caught on really quick. I was surprised at the quality. They are durable and pretty fun. I even used them when we went on a college visit- less work/walking for me just gliding around lol. my son thinks he’s taking them with him to college hahah he better get his own lol.