Pixel Hoverboard

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Unique translucent-shell hoverboard – with internal LED lights that send beams and flashes of color in every direction. 

Stream a personal riding soundtrack through the built-in Bluetooth(R) speaker. 

Ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike. 

For Riders Aged 12+
Top Speed 9 mph
Maximum Run Time 40 mins.
Weight Limit 220 lb.
Product Details

This hoverboard glows from within — and so will anyone who takes it for a spin.

There’s really no better reason to ride a hoverboard than this: It is insanely fun. Our Pixel hoverboard makes it even more so with its supremely cool style: a retro-inspired, inside-out one that lets you see its inner workings and wirings.  

As soon as you power it on, watch as vibrant beams of illumination radiate in all directions out through the see-through shell and translucent wheels. Pick from several preprogrammed lighting colors and flashing patterns until you find the kaleidoscopic energy that inspires you to make your best moves.

True colors

True colors

Pops of color on the footpads and underside of the shell add to the Pixel’s unique look.

Level up

Level up

Max speed of 9mph and self-balancing technology makes the Pixel a great choice for beginners – but the responsive sensors under the footpads make it easy to progress to twists and twirls.

Sound byte

Sound byte

Stream a personal riding soundtrack through the Pixels’ built-in Bluetooth speaker. Bonus: The lights pulse in sync to the musical beat.

Top Speed
9 mph

Product Weight
12.5 lb.

Weight Limit
220 lb.


Charging Time
5 hours


Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
23.6" 7.7" x 6.8"

For Riders Aged
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