Remix Light-Up Jetkart

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For Riders Aged 12+
Weight Limit 220 lb.
Remix Light-Up Jetkart

Remix Light-Up Jetkart

Regular price $399.99
Sale price $399.99 Regular price
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 Lights, music, action!

Bring on the fun and excitement with the Jetson Remix Hoverboard and JetKart Light-Up combo. Not only do you get to experience all the thrill of go-kart riding, but you are also sure to bring the swagger and make every ride a party when riding the Remix. Play your favorite tunes while out and about with the Remix’s Bluetooth speaker, while its illuminated seat and wheels utilize LAVA tech lights that cast vibrant colors that can also sync to the beat of your tunes.

Lava LED tech

Lava LED tech

Our LAVA LED tech in the Jetson Remix’s light-up seat and tires allows you to bring the full color spectrum to your ride in all its vibrancy.

Beat Maker

Beat Maker

With the Jetson Remix’s in-built Bluetooth speaker you can play your favorite tunes as you ride.

Light Dancer

Light Dancer

Really bring the atmosphere and put on a show as the Remix comes with lights that sync to the beat of your music.

Top Speed
9 mph

12 miles

Climbing Angle
Up to 15 degrees

Product Weight
36 lbs

Weight Limit
220 lb.

500W dual hub motor (250W X 2)

25.2V, 4.0AH Lithiuim-ion battery

Tire Type

UL 2272
UL Certified

Charging Time
Up to 4 hours

Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
24.4” × 7.7” × 7.4”

For Riders Aged
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