lit up stereofly hoverboard at an angle
close up of feet riding the stereofly hoverboard
teen squatting down on the stereofly hoverboard
teen balancing on the stereofly hoverboard
close up of lit up wheels on the stereofly hoverboard
straight on view of the stereofly hoverboard
close up of the lit up stereofly hoverboard wheel
side angle of the stereofly hoverboard

Stereofly Hoverboard

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An enhanced hoverboard experience, with in-app control of features and functionality. 

Superior styling and all-over LED illumination.  

Two in-wheel Bluetooth speakers for music streaming create a surround sound-experience.

For Riders Aged 12+
Top Speed 12 mph
Maximum Run Time 60 mins.
Weight Limit 220 lb.
lit up stereofly hoverboard at an angle

Stereofly Hoverboard

Regular price $249.99
Sale price $249.99 Regular price
Product Details

Superfly features. Stereofly style. This is the hoverboard for those who want a little extra.

Rugged wheels, 360-degree LED lighting, and a textured under-shell give this hoverboard presence. In-app control gives it precision. You, your music, and your moves, give it personality.  

Adjust steering sensitivity for more nuanced control. Customize the color and flashing patterns of the lights. Stream a soundtrack to spin to – and then watch the LEDs pulse in sync to the musical beat.  

In your style and on your terms – the Stereofly is always totally tuned into you.

A solid ride

A solid ride

Fly at up to 12 mph on smooth stretches, and get up to an hour of ride time per battery charge.

Ace illumination

Ace illumination

Front and rear LED strips. Spinning LED wheels. LED-defined rims. The Stereofly really lights it up.

Everyone’s ride

Everyone’s ride

Three speed modes cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders.

Top Speed
12 mph

Product Weight
15.2 lb.

Weight Limit
220 lb.


Wheel Size
6.5 in.

Charging Time
5 hrs


Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
25.2" x 7.7" x 7.1"

For Riders Aged
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