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California Leading the Charge in Electric Bike Regulation

California Leading the Charge in Electric Bike Regulation

In 2015, California passed one of the most progressive laws on e-bikes in the country. So, what exactly makes California’s electric bike law so exciting?

3 of a kind

After years of confusing laws on electric bikes that only deterred people from riding them, California decided to clarify the law and make it easier for people to know where and when they can ride e-bikes. As a result, the California electric bike law created a three-tier system to define e-bikes…

Type 1 e-bikes are pedal operated and have a max speed of 20 mph. Pedal assist bikes are great for getting from A to B without breaking a sweat. The Jetson Adventure is in this category, it has 9 levels of pedal assist so you can get a great workout in or just take a nice breezy ride through the neighborhood, it’s up to you!

Type 2 e-bikes are operated by a throttle and don’t require pedaling by the rider, but they still have a max speed of 20 mph. These are a great alternative for those trying to avoid rush hour traffic because you can still ride them in the bike lane. Our new Jetson Bolt is in this category. Plus, the handlebar collapses making it easy to store and easy to carry – check it out if you’re looking for a more exciting and stress-free commute!

Type 3 e-bikes are pedal operated, but these ones can have a max speed of 28 mph. In California, type 3 e-bikes are not permitted on bike paths, but you can still ride them in bike lanes. For now, Jetson’s policy is to keep our e-bikes set at 20 mph.

To learn more about the California electric bike policy, check out People for Bikes awesome graph.

California’s law created a great system that will lead to a greener and healthier future. With the recent announcement by NY Mayor Bill de Blasio that New York City will legalize pedal assist electric bikes (Type 1 e-bikes in Cali terms), it seems the electric trend is well on its way to becoming mainstream, and we couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to the Golden State for leading the charge!

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