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How you can do a world of good this Earth Day just by scootering or cycling.

How you can do a world of good this Earth Day just by scootering or cycling.

Since its establishment in 1970, Earth Day has only grown importance with each passing year. No doubt, this is sadly due to the alarming increase in pollution and climate change during those years. One of the most compelling messages of Earth Day, however, is how small acts by individuals can go a large way to helping to bring about a brighter and greener future for all of us.


Just by changing how you get around your neighborhood or how you commute to work can be an important first step. Instead of a gas guzzling method of getting to work, maybe it’s possible to think about more eco-friendly alternatives.


Electric travel is a great option for those looking to be inspired into action by Earth Day. Commuting by an electric bike, for instance, is not only better for the environment, but it is just more fun than being stuck in a car or on a train.


And electric vehicles need not be expensive – which is great news for those wanting to make the jump but are worried about the price point.


The Jetson Bolt Electric Bike is a great first electric bike. Not only is it affordable, but it is a whole lot of fun too. It comes with a built-in carrying handle so whether you’re journeying to work during the week or to brunch during the weekend, the Bolt makes it easy for you to pick it up and go.


Another great electric option that is worth considering is the electric scooter. This is a great way for getting around a city or town.


The Jetson Knight Electric Scooter is not only a zippy ride, but with two rechargeable premium Lithium-Ion batteries included, each providing a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge, you can forget about any range anxiety – the Knight will be able to get you where you need to be.


Earth Day is also a great time to reconnect with nature and instill a love for it in future generations. If you are a parent, scootering outdoors with your kids is a fantastic way to do this. Head out to a nature trail and show them all the wonder of nature.


The Jetson Twin Folding Kick Scooter is a scooter that will be sure to have them excited. For parents, the Twin is super easy to fold and carry so once your kids are done with scootering, you can still enjoy a nature walk with them.



Whether it’s improving your commute or helping educate your children, there’s plenty of ways that you can help make a difference that will last this Earth Day.

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