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Jetson Partners with Aaron Madrid from Purdue University

Jetson Partners with Aaron Madrid from Purdue University

Electric bicycles and scooters are a growing trend across the nation, and college campuses are a perfect place for these modes of transportation. College students have relied on bicycles as a sole mode of transportation for years, but now electric bikes and scooters are making travel faster and more efficient. Making the switch to an electric vehicle can feel like a big decision, that’s why Jetson has partnered with Aaron Madrid to see what a year on a bike is really like.

Aaron Madrid is the Head of Alternative Transportation at Purdue University. He is always looking for and testing new products to bring to campus to make the best decisions for Purdue’s transportation needs. He has partnered with Jetson to show the world exactly what it’s like to ride on an electric bike for one full calendar year in the Midwest. To that end, he will be using a Jetson Adventure Electric Bike to get to work, run errands, and be his main source of transportation. While the goal is to rely mostly on the bike, if it’s too dangerous due to weather to ride the bicycle, other modes of transportation will be taken.

The project started January 1, 2019 and Aaron was instantly stoked about the Adventure, reporting back that the sleekness was immediately apparent and the ease of riding the bike was amazing. His dad was so impressed by the bike that he immediately got online and purchased one for himself as well!

Aaron spent the first month testing out the Adventure and working with the Purdue engineering team to hook up some data capturing tools on the bike so he can track himself throughout the year. After waiting out the Polar Vortex that hit the midwest in early February, he’s finally ready to ride his bike for the rest of the year! Follow along as we post updates about Aaron’s experience on his Jetson Adventure Electric Bike.

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