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Three Reasons You Absolutely Need an Electric Bike, Today

Three Reasons You Absolutely Need an Electric Bike, Today

Riding a bicycle is one of those things you promise yourself you’ll do more often, someday. Someday, when it’s not so hot outside. Someday, when you don’t need to pick up a few bags of groceries on the way home from work. Someday, when Earth is sucked into a black hole and all the hills are flattened. Someday, a bike will be your perfect way to get around.

But as Creedence Clearwater Revival said, someday never comes. This is why you absolutely need an electric bike: It makes someday happen today. It turns biking into the easiest, fastest, most practical and convenient means of personal transport for almost any urban or suburban setting.

Here are three quick reasons why you absolutely need an electric bike today — not someday.

Reason 1: It’s a Bike, but Better

Jetson’s electric bikes function like a regular bicycle – whether the motor is on or off, your pedaling is what moves it forward. Unless the law specifically states otherwise, e-bikes are generally right at home on bike paths, bike lanes, and other trails.

Though not all states have joined the revolution and legalized electric bikes, most states have no laws prohibiting regular-old bicyclists from riding past cars stuck in traffic jams. If you can swing it, enjoy an easier commute as you slide on by with the help of the movement of electrons.

Some of our electric bikes – like the Jetson Journey – also feature racks and baskets so you can enjoy mobility without hassles, and carry more than enough provisions to keep your pantry stocked. Think of your electric bike as a very small SUV disguised as a beach cruiser.

Reason 2: It’s Totally Cheap

The typical electric bike is charged off 110V house current, just like an iPhone. In fact, charging it doesn’t require much more electricity than an iPhone. An average bike battery costs about $0.04 to charge from dead-empty.

Yes: That’s four cents. Total.

Though range varies based on terrain, conditions, load, and weight (both yours and the bike’s), most electric bikes can deliver at least 30 miles of boost before needing a re-charge. Some quick back-of-the-McDonald’s-napkin math thus tells us an electric bike costs approximately 2/10 of a cent per mile to operate.

That’s about as close to free as you’re going to get.

True, the bikes themselves aren’t free. But then again, $1700 for a reliable electric bike able to handle 80-90% of your transport needs – and 100% of your recreational ones – for 2/10 of a cent per mile is not a bad deal. Even driving a cheap, old car ends up costing about 50 cents per mile.

Also, keep in mind you likely won’t be paying any parking fees or tolls for your powered bicycle, either.

3: You’ll Still Get Exercise

Don’t confuse today's electric bikes with the rigged motor bikes you may be accustomed to seeing. Unlike those dinosaurs, today’s e-bikes look and ride like normal bikes, but with the additional advantage of boost. So if you’re looking to work up a sweat, shut the motor off and get your exercise in. Since our e-bikes weigh about as much as an average hybrid bike, you won’t struggle with any extra, bulky weight.

And if you want to feel like you can keep up in the Tour de France, take advantage of the range and speed extensions offered by electric power, while still getting your cardio in.

Join the Revolution

Electric bikes are coming on strong, with sales in the US more than doubled since 2012. That means not just the cool kids are doing it anymore. People are finding reasons why an electric motor makes every day a great day to ride a bike.

Someday has finally come. Saddle up: It’s time to ride.

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