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Which Jetson Bike is For You?

Which Jetson Bike is For You?

Jetson offers efficient, affordable, zero-emissions vehicles for every taste and purpose — from pedal-assisted bikes to electric scooters and handy foldables. Wherever you’re going, Jetson has the wheels to get you there.

Tell us where you ride and what’s important to you: We’ll find you an affordable, green solution. Let’s explore some popular options from the Jetson lineup.

Journey — The Cruising Commuter

Just need a relaxing ride to work, school or shopping? The Journey Electric Bike has got you covered. A step-through frame design makes riding easy. A standard rear rack lets you quickly mount racks or secure bags. Seamless pedal assist keeps the wind at your back. With a max speed of up to 20 mph and a range of up to 30 miles, you have an ideal companion for urban commuting or errands. It’s got the laid-back, easygoing style of a comfortable cruiser, with the convenience of a modern electric-assist drivetrain.

Gen 1 — The Cyber Scooter

Maybe you’re ready for less bicycle — and more scooter. The Jetson Gen 1 Electric Bike delivers the look and function of a modern gas-powered scooter — complete with lightweight plastic bodywork, cushy seat and twist throttle. It still pedals like a bicycle, but only as needed. The Gen 1 cruises at up to 20 mph for up to 40 miles thanks to a 500-watt electric motor. The fully-suspended chassis carries up to 300 pounds. Gen 1 is the option for riders needing a bit more weather protection and comfort than a traditional bicycle can deliver.

Arrow — The Street Speedster

If you’re shooting for seamless electric assistance in a classic “racing bike” form, you’re aiming for the Arrow. The Arrow flies, thanks to its 250-watt hub motor. Even with the motor and concealed battery, total weight is a very manageable 38 pounds. This bike will help get more miles (and speed) out of your legs. On battery power alone, expect a max speed of 16 MPH and a range of 30 miles. Work the 9-speed dérailleur to your advantage, and let the electric drivetrain fill in the gaps for even more performance. The Arrow combines the best of the traditional road bike and modern electric assist.

Bike-To-Go 24” — The Ultimate Portable

The Bike-To-Go 24” eliminates the last of your excuses. Keep a bike handy everywhere and anywhere. This lightweight, folding bike fits in car trunks, closets and leaning next to you on buses and subways. At a trim 28 pounds, it’s easy to lift and even easier to fold and unfold. The 24” wheels laugh off rough pavement and obstacles. Rear suspension maximizes comfort, and the Shimano drivetrain smooths your journey. No matter where you live, Bike-To-Go 24” lets you keep a bike ready for instant, zero-emission transportation.

Just Get Rolling

No matter how much electric assistance you want — if any at all — Jetson has an answer for your zero-emission transportation needs. Grab an Arrow, Journey, Gen 1 or Bike-To-Go 24” and get rolling.

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