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Why an electric ride is a must-have this summer

A man riding a scooter and smiling at the camera.

Summer is already in full swing, and it’s not too late to make this the best summer ever. Now, we understand that isn’t going to mean the same thing for everyone. For some people, the very best thing they could do this summer is to enjoy plenty of quality time with family and friends. Still, for others, they probably can’t think of anything worse and would much rather unwind and recharge with some much-needed “me-time” and a Mai Tai.  

Whatever your perfect summer looks like, we have one suggestion that we believe can really up the fun for you , and that’s adding an electric ride into the mix. If you don’t believe us, then let us share with you  how we’re using electric bikes and scooters to make some of our favorite summer activities even better.


Road Trip 

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Keeping the kids entertained with endless games of “I Spy
; turning off the highway because you just spotted a sign advertising the world’s biggest ball of twine; getting coffee and pie at a roadside diner... there’s just something about the freedom of the open road that is in marked contrast to the often-miserable experience of flying. For one, it’s nice not to worry about your luggage being under 50 lb. And that also means you can be a bit more daring in what you pack. An electric scooter or foldable electric bike easily fits into the trunk of a car. We find that they are perfect for bringing along for when you stop off at some delightful little town you’re eager to explore. It’s good to take a break from the car, and with an electric bike or electric scooter, you can explore a lot more, a lot quicker than you would on foot, and access places that would be impossible in the car.



You don’t have to travel halfway across the world to have a fabulous vacation; sometimes, it’s just about looking at home with fresh eyes. There’s a reason staycations are becoming increasingly popular. You can treat your hometown or city like a tourist and see all those popular haunts you’ve never had the time to go to before. With a guidebook and an electric bike, you can zip around town, and it feels far more fun and freeing than being stuck in your car or using public transport. So, go on, feel the breeze in your face, head over to that art gallery you’ve always meant to go to, and then grab something delicious at the farmers’ market.



Summer is festival time. Live music in the great outdoors is always amazing, but let’s be honest, some of the other aspects of the festival experience leave much to be desired. Either traffic is blocked for miles as you enter and exit the festival grounds, or getting an Uber is impossible. Many festivals are now wise to this and are increasingly allowing bike access and providing bike gates. So, instead of parking miles away, you can ride right up to the festival gates on your electric bike and park.



Tent, sleeping bags, enough cans of Repel you can shower in it… there are plenty of items we know not to go camping without, but have you ever stopped to consider that an electric bike can be a fun (and practical) addition to your camping must-haves? You’ll be able to get around the campsite with ease. Attaching a cart to your ride can also make it super easy to carry your equipment around - either on the campsite itself or on a nature trail. For the particularly adventurous of you, you might also want to consider getting an electric mountain bike which will allow you to cover a lot more ground a lot faster than you would on a regular mountain bike.

Always check your campsite’s rules before you go for what sort of vehicles they permit on-site, but many campsites and national parks do allow the use of electric bikes. Many encourage it; unlike vehicles such as off-roading quad bikes, electric bikes are quiet and much less likely to disturb wildlife.  


So, whatever you do this summer – either fun with the family or alone at the beach with a Mai Tai and a good book – be sure to enjoy the moment. Happy adventuring!  



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