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Why Owning a Scooter is Better Than Ride Sharing

Why Owning a Scooter is Better Than Ride Sharing

Electric scooters are quickly gaining popularity as a cost-effective, convenient mode of transportation. Everyone from Gen Zers, Millennials, and even Baby Boomers are getting on board, proving that getting from point A to point B doesn’t have to be boring. But is it really better to buy your own scooter than to rent one through a ride sharing company like Bird or Lime? There are lots of reasons why more people than ever before are buying instead of renting. Here are three things to consider if you’re unsure whether to purchase or rideshare.


1. It saves time

Have you ever been running late and wished you could jump on a scooter to get to your destination on time? The odds are pretty high that you couldn’t find a scooter that was ready and waiting nearby (and with enough charge to get you where you needed to go), right? It’s also hard to use a scooter on a regular basis if you have to rely on chance (or the last person to use it) placing one in your direct path. 


Owning your own scooter ensures that it’s ready whenever you are. You always know where it’s parked and if it’s charged - and you don’t have to pay every time you use it. Nobody wants to play scooter roulette when they’re running late to work.


2. It’s better for the environment

Just to be clear - using a scooter instead of a car, bus, or any other fossil fuel-guzzling vehicle is always better for the environment. But did you know that owning a scooter can be better for the environment than renting one every time?  Here’s why: rideshare scooters are not treated with the same care as personal scooters. As a result, they can become damaged and lose their charge quickly. This means the scooter collectors have to drive around nightly to charge the batteries and check for damage. The result is more emissions from the collectors’ cars and a greater strain on the environment.


When you buy your own scooter, you are solely responsible for its care. It is always at your disposal, and right where you left it. Not only will you know that it’s charged when you need it, but you won’t run the risk of getting stranded because the scooter was damaged by the rider before you. 


3. It’s the safer option

Unfortunately, people don’t treat a rented scooter with the same care they would treat their own personal scooter. When you rent a scooter, you don’t know who used it before you and how it was ridden. The scooter you’re renting could have taken a huge tumble down a hill and is primed for a major break or defect to occur while you’re riding it. With your own scooter, you know the exact condition it’s in and you don’t have to worry about potential unknown issues arising. If something did happen to your scooter, you would know to get it serviced rather than continue to ride it and risk the chance of an accident or injury. Owning a scooter is the safer option. 


4. You can personalize it

While rideshare scooters all look alike, the sky is the limit when it comes to styling your own scooter. From a rainbow of colors to lights, baskets, and other decorations, you can own a scooter that is unlike anyone else’s. 


From California to New York, electric scooters are the latest way to travel in style and without the expense and pollution that come with a conventional vehicle. By purchasing your own scooter, you’ll experience all of the benefits without the potential hassles of ride sharing.

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