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Safety Tips for Kick Scooters

Safety Tips for Kick Scooters

As fun and convenient as riding a scooter can be, it’s important not to forget to emphasize safety from the beginning in order to avoid any possible accidents or issues. The same way that we teach our children to always put on their seat belt when getting into a car, like it’s second nature, these kick scooter safety tips should be performed automatically every time your child goes for a ride. 


Ride a Scooter in Good Repair

Before your child gets on their scooter, you should always check that it’s in good condition. If he or she gets onto a broken or otherwise damaged scooter, the chances of injury or accident get higher, which definitely spoils everybody’s good time. So, before each ride, check to make sure that your kid’s scooter’s locking levers are tight, the handlebar is secure, and the brake works smoothly. If that’s all looking all right, it’s good to go!


Always Wear a Helmet

When kids ride scooters, falls happen. They’re no big deal; kids are great at getting up, dusting themselves off, and continuing with the fun. But if they fall without a helmet, there’s a chance of getting seriously hurt. That’s why wearing a helmet while on a scooter is simply not optional. If your child doesn’t have a helmet on their head, they shouldn’t be allowed to get on a scooter, even for just a few minutes.


To make it easier to remember, you can store your child’s helmet next to their scooter, so they always see it before they ride. On top of that, you can buy a helmet in fun colors or help your child decorate theirs with stickers to make it into a cool accessory they can’t wait to wear. Then your kid can ride around looking cool and feeling safe. 


Start Slow

When your child first starts riding, it’s important to begin slowly so that they can get the hang of things. You want them to get used to the feeling of being on the scooter before they start riding too fast. Instruct them to use their brake to slow the scooter down when they need to - especially going down a hill - and ride at a speed where they feel completely under control. Then, once they get more experienced, they can work their way up to scooting faster. 


Follow Local Traffic Laws

When a child is on a scooter, your city and state’s traffic laws still apply to them. Following these rules is important not only to their safety, but to the safety of others in your community. So, go ahead and read up on the local traffic laws and make sure your child is not breaking any rules when they’re zipping around the neighborhood. Remind them to stop at stop signs, follow the traffic lights, and walk their scooter across any street crossing. If there’s a crossing guard around, kids should always listen to their instructions. 


If your child can follow these rules, they’ll have even more fun on their kick scooter. Safety first! And then lots - and lots - of laughs, adventure, and fun come next.

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