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How to Unfold and Fold the Jetson Element

How to Unfold and Fold the Jetson Element

The Jetson Element brings you the next level of portability. 


Let’s walk through a simple guide as to how to properly unfold and fold the electric scooter - so you can start rolling!


Unfolding the Element is a no-frill process, which makes it a delight to carry with you to work, to run an errand or go anywhere else the road may take you. 


All you’ve got to do is lift the handlebar away from the deck.


Next, you lift the release lever until you hear a click. This means that your handlebar is now locked, and your Element scooter is ready to take you to your destination. Always remember to check that the handlebar is tight and secure before riding.


Folding the Element is super simple. All you have to do is unlock the release lever, align the handlebar with the deck and clip it to the rear foot brake to secure the handlebar. You can then carry it around easily or simply store it without any hassles as it is designed to take up little space.


Folding and unfolding the Element e-scooter is made easy due to its simple folding mechanism which is quick to use and highly functional in terms of storage.


Its easy folding mechanism makes it a great travel companion. No matter what the use, the Element folding electric scooter will transform how you commute.


Simple, right?


Check out the Element Folding Electric Scooter user manual for other tips on the settings menu, changing the maximum speed, and more!

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