Beam Folding Electric Scooter


Clean. Smart. Fun. Guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye. 

Smooth acceleration Thumb Throttle 
Seamlessly integrated LED Display 
Illuminating Bright LED Headlight 
Ride boosting Speed Modes 
Easy to take Lightweight 
Recommended age 13+ 


Max Speed
Up to 14 mph

Max Range
Up to 15 miles

Climbing Angle
10 degrees

Product Weight
24 lbs

Weight Limit
250 lbs

250 watt brushless hub motor

24V, 4.4Ah rechargeable lithium-ion

Removable Battery

LCD display

E-brake & rear foot brake

Throttle Type
Thumb throttle

Handlebar Height
Adjustable: 27" to 35.5"

8" inflatable


LED headlight & stem light

Charging Time
Up to 3 hours



USB Hub / Charger


Water Resistant

Deck Size
19" x 5.75"

Folded Dimensions (L x W x H)
36.25" x 13.8" x 6.5"

Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H)
36.25" x 17" x 44.5"

Recommended Age
13 and up

Assembly Required

1 year limited

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Eduarda P.
United States

Jetson Beam -- Awesome! (when it works)...

I love my Jetson Beam scooter, most of the time. I use it on a college campus to get around between classes, which has exponentially improved my commute from a 30-min-walk each way on foot to a 7-minute-ride saving me lots of time in the mornings! However, the only (and most upsetting) downfall is the back tire. I weigh around 135 lbs (nowhere near the max weight limit) and ride it only about 2-4 miles per day, but somehow am going through about 1 TIRE PER WEEK. I'm currently waiting on the second replacement tire shipment, which fortunately Jetson is very helpful and quick with, but I can't help but be disappointed at spending hundreds of dollars on a scooter that I can't depend on. I would recommend (and already have) this scooter to friends and family in a heartbeat......after they restock the solid tire or figure out why the back tires keep deflating!

Karina C.
United States

Beam Folding Electric Scooter

This scooter is amazing. My daughter absolutely loves it and is on it from morning to nighttime. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in this type of product.

Scott E

Quiet and Great Customer Service

Purchased a BEAM unit for our office and to commute to work each day. 1 mile. Works extremely well, super quiet and smooth. You might need a bell approaching pedestrians because they will not hear you. The electric breaking works quick. My colleagues were blown away actually seeing and riding the unit. Another feature you have multiple adjustments for bar height and width. Only Con- Back wheel. I would recommend ordering the solid wheel right away. SOLUTION- Customer service was great and provided me a new tire until the new solid wheel is available. Exceptional Support. Reason I wrote this review today. They know the issue and have addressed it.

Emmanuel Rayas

University of Texas Austin Student

This scooter is "lightweight" enough that I, a 110 pound male, can lug it around if I need to. However I do not recommend doing so for more than up a flight of stairs, as it will tire you out. On campus here at the University of Texas Austin the scooter is capable of getting just under 4 miles of distance on a single full charge. This means I would NOT be able to ride it to school on an emergency but I will say I don't see a reason to return this scooter as this isn't why I purchased it in the first place. I can charge it at school if I need to and I do because like I said the range is right under 4 miles. The charger is the size of a PC charger and I do carry it in my backpack. To secure it I bought a motion sensor alarm and bike lock. It's average top speed is around 12.4 mph. On declines it can go about 15.5mph, and on inclines it can go about 10.5mph. If you are heavier than me, which is likely, this scooter will probably be a very short distance scooter. All and all, it very cool, comfy, kinda small foot-space, and convenient for short distance riding (like two classes on opposite ends of campus and then you should charge it or you will)

Anthony Morris

Perfect Commuter

Purchased this as a commuter, very impressed with it. Doesn't quite reach 16 mph, instead averages around 12-13, with 10 on inclines. It's 2 miles to work for me and this is simply perfect for it. Full personal recommendation from me.

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