At Jetson, we’re inspired in everything that we do, to bring people together with shared moments that move and the belief that everyone should be able to feel the joy of riding happy. To live that mission, we are committed to making sure that our web experience is accessible for all.

Inclusive: At Jetson, everything thing that we do is with the thought of what the user’s experience with our product will be. We strive to be as inclusive as possible with our designs. We are always listening and always striving to improve.

Consistent: When a user visits Ride Jetson, we seek to provide a consistent design experience for all. We believe it is our prerogative to ensure that our web experience offers equal levels of functionality to all.

Clarity: We believe that accessible design is the right thing to do, but we also believe that accessible design is the best thing to do. Accessible design means better design. By holding ourselves accountable to designs that provide clarity and are intuitive improves the user experience for everyone.


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