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5 Tips for Cycling to Work and Other Alternatives to Public Transit

5 Tips for Cycling to Work and Other Alternatives to Public Transit

Are you looking to return to work soon? Are you searching for a safer alternative to riding the train or bus? Are you wondering how you can get to work with the current challenges in transportation?


It's time to consider a bike. Since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are using bikes to commute to work. Not only do bikes promote social distancing, but they also help you stay healthy.


Additionally, bikes are also environment-friendly.


There are safety measures and other factors you need to consider before committing to one.


Continue reading below for five of the most important tips you should follow before riding a bike to work.


1. Get a Dependable Bike


As people look for alternative transportation, bicycle sales are booming left and right. But the question is are people getting good ones they can rely on?


Thus, the first thing you need to consider is the quality of the bike you are buying. Your bike is an investment. And as long as the pandemic continues, your bike will be your best friend going to and from work.


You want something that is roadworthy. It should also be durable even under inclement weather. But since bikes are flying off the stores, it may be hard to find a good one. 


But don’t fret, as you can go for a Quest Scooter or an Eris Scooter by Jetson. These are excellent alternatives to traditional bicycles.


2. The Helmet is a No-Brainer


Having a reliable bike is only half of the battle. You also need to protect yourself by wearing the proper safety gear. 


Hence, invest in a quality helmet that you can wear every time you ride your bike. Studies reveal that around 2% of vehicle crash deaths involve bicyclists. Moreover, most of the victims’ fatal injuries involve the head.


With a sturdy helmet, you can prevent these fatal blows during accidents.


3. Mind Your Luggage


Since you will be carrying some stuff to work, you need to consider the bag that you will use. The conventional choice is a quality backpack. Go for one that has enough space to carry all your stuff.


The good thing about backpacks is that they’re easy to carry. They also don’t need any fitting or fixtures to function.


4. Lights and Reflectors Count


Sometimes, you may need to work overtime. In turn, there will be days when you will be coming home late at night. Thus, you need to make sure your bike or scooter comes with ample lighting.


Also, make sure your bike and cycling gear come with reflectors. As e-mobility in cities becomes more popular, more people will be riding bikes and scooters to work. 


Hence, you need to be able to see each other at night.


5. Plan Your Route


Last but not least, you need to plan your route before deciding to ride to work. The key is to study the different routes that will take you to work. 


Determine which ones are bike-friendly and try them one-by-one. Time your trip to see which of these routes can take you to the office the fastest.


Enjoy Cycling to Work with the Best Bikes!


Cycling to work is an excellent alternative to traditional methods of transportation. You can go to work while minimizing the risk of catching the COVID-19 virus. And if you’re searching for a quality bike, then you came to the right place.


Connect with us today and learn more about our lineup up quality bikes that you can ride to work. We also offer a selection of electric scooters and hoverboards. Subscribe to our newsletter and order a bike, today!

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