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Inspire Your Imagination with the New Disney Frozen II Kids Folding Electric Scooter

Inspire Your Imagination with the New Disney Frozen II Kids Folding Electric Scooter

The Disney Frozen II Kids Folding Electric Scooter features beautiful graphics of your favorite frozen movie characters: Elsa and Anna! This incredible toy is a favorite for both kids and parents looking for exciting playtime adventures with their favorite characters.


Foldable Design

The easy folding mechanism allows for portability and storage - and it’s a breeze to assemble and get rolling.


Moderate Speeds

The scooter allows a max speed of 8 mph - just fast enough for your child to get a sense of thrill and excitement, but all the while being incredibly safe. 


Sturdiness and Durability

The durable steel frame has a stylish, whimsical snowflake pattern. The stability also comes from the strong wheels which work perfectly even in rigid terrain.


Adjustable Size

One important aspect with this scooter is that it grows with your child. This is made possible by its adjustable handlebar that you can always set in line with your little one's height as it changes.  


Safety Features

The scooter features a non-slip deck, which helps to avoid small accidents for your little one. It also features a smooth ride due to the sealed bearings which also help in improving performance, while limiting maintenance. 


Another safety feature is the E-brake which deactivates the motor to ensure a complete stop.  Further, the thumb throttle gives your child a firm hold on the scooter. 


Now your child can enjoy a magical ride through Arendelle with Elsa and Anna!

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