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6 Ways to Make Your Commute the Best Hour of Your Day

6 Ways to Make Your Commute the Best Hour of Your Day
Dreading Monday morning? Shake away those Sunday scaries by looking forward to your commute. Instead of sitting in a car fuming your way to work, you can sail past on a Jetson Bike or Scooter feeling energized. Sound good? Welcome to the best hour of your day.

  1. Clear away those cobwebs with a dose of Vitamin D, and feel refreshed and alert by the time you hit the office.
  2. You can soundtrack your day with a killer Spotify playlist, and sing your heart out. If podcasts are more your speed, enjoy the virtuous feeling of not killing the planet with your car emissions while you catch up on the daily news.
  3. Time is money, baby - zip past people spending their time in a traffic jam and enjoy the feeling of saving some time (and money) for yourself.
  4. Enjoy an easy workout on the way to work and home again, without having to trap yourself at the gym during your lunch break.
  5. (Now you can eat that chocolate mousse at lunch, or the happy hour cocktail, guilt-free!)
  6. Wave cheerily to the people trekking a mile back to their car at the end of the day - by the time they’ve reached their vehicle, you’re halfway home!
  7. With no gas or parking charges, get to the weekend with a little extra money in your pocket. All you have to do now is work out what you want to spend it on!
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